Graham Dumpleton

The Chairman and Parish Councillors at St Michael would like to thank Graham Dumpleton who has recently retired after devoting over 40 years to St Michael. Graham, we are grateful for your tireless work on the Council’s behalf, and we wish you all the very best for the future.

Are you interested in joining the Parish Council? NOTICE OF VACANCY

Co-Option of a Member of St Michael Parish CouncilSt Michael ward

The Chairman and other Councillors would warmly welcome enquiries from residents who may be interested in joining St Michael Parish Council through co-option, either for self-nomination or for on behalf of another individual.  We are advertising the vacancy on this website for a minimum of 4 weeks from today (13th August) with a closing date of 20th September 2020.  Applicants will be considered at the next meeting which is due to be held late September; the exact date remains to be confirmed re Covid-19 situation, and the meeting may be held by videoconference (Zoom meeting).

Please read on for more detail

The vacancy has arisen following the resignation of a serving member. St Albans City and District Council was notified and a formal Notice of Vacancy was posted for fourteen (working) days between 12th July and 4th August 2020, during which time it was possible for electors in the parish to demand that an election be called.

No such request was received and the vacancy will therefore be filled by St Michael Parish Council by co-option, in accordance with the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) Rules 2006. 

Candidates will be requested to submit a short biography or information about themselves, by way of letter or e-mail and to give a short presentation to the next meeting outlining the reasons for their application .Applicants will also be asked to confirm their eligibility to serve, based on the criteria given below.

Any person co-opted to fill the vacancy within the Parish Council must fulfil the same criteria as a person being formally nominated for a candidate at an election, that is:

  • He/she is a registered elector for the parish; or
  • has resided in the parish for the past twelve months or rented/tenanted land in the parish; or
  • had his/her principal place of work in the parish; or
  • has lived within three miles (straight line) of the parish boundary.

There are certain disqualifications – these are set out in full in the Local Government Act 1972 (see 5. 80) but the main exclusions are:

  • holding a paid office of the Parish Council
  • bankruptcy;
  • having been sentenced to a term of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) of not less than three months, without the option of a fine during the five years preceding the election; and
  • being disqualified under any enactment relating to corrupt or illegal practices.

The Parish Council will announce after the closing date how many applications have been received and whether a voting process needs to be invoked.  Details of that process will then be published, but in brief the existing Parish Council members would vote at a public meeting to determine the result. Please note that if a vote is needed, it is Parish Council members who would vote – it is not a public election.

Interested candidates should in the first instance please contact the Clerk, Julia Reading, in writing. Contact form through this link.

Julia Reading, Clerk to St Michael Parish Council
7th August 2020

Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

These meetings have been deferred from May due to the Covid-19 situation, with a new date since firmly set for Tuesday 11th August at 6.30 pm.

You can view the agenda for the meetings here.

The meeting will be conducted remotely with access available to Councillors and the public through the internet.  Your device must be enabled with Zoom tele/video conferencing, which you can download as a free app from their website.

A link will appear here on 11th August, from 17.00 hrs at the latest, which will give you the specific internet address for the Zoom meeting. (Meeting completed; link now expired)

What happens at our annual meetings?

The Annual meetings in 2020 will be held on Tuesday 11th August at 6.30 pm. Find out how to attend and view the agenda here.

There can be confusion between the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council.

Both types of meeting are open for the public to attend, and both are required to be held during May, although in 2020 emergency regulations have been introduced to allow flexibility due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The same regulations permit meetings to be conducted remotely for Councillors and the public to attend through an internet link, details of which will be included when the Agendas are published (usually a week in advance).  Meetings should not commence before 6.00 pm.

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council is the occasion to review things such as who will be Chairman for the next year.  Otherwise it will follow the same structure as for other Parish Council Meetings in the year.  Members of the public are entitled to attend and observe, but as with all Parish Council Meetings, they are allowed to speak or ask questions only in a designated part of the proceedings or by the invitation of the Chairman.

All Parish and Town Councils throughout England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting, which acts as an annual democratic point of communication enabling the Parish Council to explain what it has been doing over the last year and providing an opportunity for the electors to have their say on anything they consider is important  to the people of the Parish.

Who can attend the Annual Parish Meeting?

The Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting of all the local government electors for the Parish, which the public are specifically entitled to attend and participate in.

Will I be able to ask questions and make suggestions?

Yes, any registered elector may ask questions at the Annual Parish Meeting, which will usually be answered by the Chairperson, the Clerk to the Council, or a designated Councillor.

An elector may also make suggestions and comment on anything relevant to the residents of the Parish.

Who will chair the Annual Parish Meeting?

The Chairman of the Parish Council will chair the meeting or in his/her absence the Vice Chairman.

Will Parish Councillors be there?

Yes, however, the purpose of the Annual Parish Meeting is to enable the ordinary electors to have their say. Councillors will listen with interest and as some are electors themselves, they also have the opportunity to raise questions and make comments if they wish.

Will notes be taken of the meeting?

Yes, a written record of the meeting will be taken and presented at the next Annual Parish meeting for approval.

How long will the meeting last?

As long as need be within reason.  It will depend on how many persons attend who wish to speak.

Coronavirus/ COVID-19

St Michael Parish Council’s best role in this pandemic is to provide direct links to the current information supplied by the Government and the NHS.

Remember, it’s best to seek information on the disease from official sources like those mentioned below. You are advised against relying on social media for information as some of it may be inaccurate, or, worse, be spreading coronavirus conspiracies, fake cures or scams.

BEWARE Fraudsters could pose as helpers by suggesting to do shopping for you if you cannot go out. However genuine or official seeming, NEVER give cash up front to someone you do not know well. NEVER hand over your bank card or account details, a genuine helper will accept a cheque. If in doubt, call a trusted friend, neighbour or relative. If you feel threatened or afraid, call 999 and ask for the police.

Public Health England has FAQs that will be updated regularly

There is a Volunteer Compassionate Community Connector programme in response to Covid-19.  This is for people who are healthy and at low risk to help others across the districts of St Albans and Hertsmere.  Individuals can sign-up using:  

St Albans City and Dstrict Council has put a range of information and advice related to coronavirus on their website . See:

Guidance on the website developed with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, aiming to assist employees, as well as employers and businesses in providing advice on COVID-19 to their staff