Parish Councillors and Parish Clerk

The Parish Councillors and their registers of interests are detailed below.

As with all parish councils across Hertfordshire, the St Michael Parish Councillors’ terms of office will expire in early May 2027, when local elections will be held. They may choose to stand again, alongside any new candidates coming forward.

The Parish Clerk should normally be your first point of contact for all enquiries. Messages will be forwarded to individual Councillors if requested or as appropriate.

Please note that the Parish Clerk is employed for about two and a half hours a week, so there may be a delay before you receive a response.

Julia Reading
Parish Clerk
07542 568476
St Michael Parish Council, c/o 71 Overstone Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 5PN

Councillor David Meachin

Register of Interests

Councillor Ian Hawking
Vice Chairman

Email Cllr Ian Hawking (not yet in use)
Register of Interests

Councillor Jeremy Peet
Email Cllr Jeremy Peet (not yet in use)
Register of Interests

Councillor Susan Slaughter
Register of Interests

Councillor Roderick Woodward
Register of Interests