St Michael Parish Council has a rolling schedule to review its policies and ensure that they are up to date and fit for purpose.

Approved documents

NotesNext review date
Financial reservesData updated March 2023March 2024
Risk consideration and business continuityData updated March 2023March 2024
Grants and donationsNew policy adopted March 2023January 2025
Complaints procedureRe-adopted March 2023, no changes to 2019 versionMarch 2025
Equal opportunitiesSeptember 2025
Equality and diversitySeptember 2025
ExpensesSeptember 2025
Code of conductThis is the Local Government Association Model Councillor Code of Conduct, adopted by St Michael Parish Council in May 2023in replacement of an earlier policy.
This Code has been designed to protect our democratic role, encourage good conduct and safeguard the public’s trust in local government.
May 2026
General data privacy
(including our privacy notice)
We regret that the link in this document to our entry in the Data Protection Register is not supported by the file format . This direct link will display the entry, should you wish to see it.September 2026
Standing OrdersSeptember 2026
Finance regulationsAmended (January 2022) to reduce the number of bank signatories from THREE to TWO.
No amendments Jan 2024
January 2027
Freedom of informationJanuary 2027