Planning Applications

The Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues under the authority of St Albans City & District Council (SADC). It is probably the part of our role that is best known to the local community and can be very important.

Members of the public are able to comment in writing on any planning application, by post or email or through SADC’s Planning Department’s website. You can find more information on commenting on applications here.

Please also see our page here on how the Parish Council comments on individual applications.

The table below shows all the planning applications in the St Michael area from 1 January 2023. For details of applications made before that date, please see our planning applications – archived page.

User Notes:
  • We aim to update the table every weekend with new applications and decisions. (Table last checked/updated: 10 July 2024)
  • Clicking on the left-most entry in each row, headed SADC Reference, will take you directly to St Albans District Council’s detailed record for that case.
  • Some entries under Application are cut short due to restrictions on display space within the St Albans web portal. If you need the full wording, please follow the Reference link to access all the supporting documents for that case.
SADC ReferenceApplicationDecision and date
Valid From 11/06/2024
Gorhambury House ,St Albans AL3 6AH
Discharge of Condition 13 (building recording) of planning permission 5/2022/1214LB dated 21/11/22 for Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) for various internal alterations including alterations to layout, staircases, doors and fireplaces of listed b
Tennis Courts At Batchwood Sports Centre Batchwood Drive St Albans AL3 5XA
Construction of a padel tennis facility with canopy
03 Jun 24
Valid From 10/05/2024
Childwickbury Stud, Stud Lane AL3 6JA
T1 – Horse chestnut – Reduce limb at 9.5 m height south overhanging stables by approximately 4 m to suitable growing point just after fork. Remove the main leader of scaffold limb at 9 m height southwest and reduce to suitable secondary branches in line w
03 Jul 24
Tree Works in
Conservation Area
– Deemed Consent
Valid from 29/04/2024
4 Beesonend Cottages Beesonend Lane Harpenden AL5 2AA
Single storey side extension with three rooflights and raising of roof height to match existing rear extension.  Four new rooflights to rear
Valid From 23/04/2024
Gorhambury House Gorhambury AL3 6AH
Discharge of Condition 5 (parking provision) of planning permission 5/2020/0420 dated 28/08/20 for Conversion to three dwellings, conservation and restoration of interior and exterior.
22 May 24
Discharge of
Condition –
Valid From 18/04/2024
Gorhambury House Gorhambury AL3 6AH
Discharge of Condition 13 (copy of building recording) of 5/2022/1214 dated 21/11/2022 for listed building consent of Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) for various internal alterations including alterations to layout, staircases, doors and firepla
07 Jun 24
Valid From 19/03/2024
Batchwood Hall Batchwood Drive AL3 5XA
Change of use of Batchwood Hall from nightclub (sui generis) to restaurant, bar, hotel, wedding and function venue (sui generis), including internal and external refurbishment, creation of dining terrace, garden, rationalisation of plant areas and associa
5/2024/0018 Valid From 08/01/2024Childwickbury Manor Childwickbury AL3 6JX
Certificate of Lawfulness (proposed) works to a Listed Building – The NW corner of the Grade II listed walled garden has been cracking and moving for many years and was fitted with a timber prop some 20 years ago due to safety concerns.
22 May 24
Certificate of
Lawfulness –
Valid From 13/12/2023
11 Shafford Cottages Redbourn Road AL3 6LB
Rear garden trees T1 – Silver Birch – Remove to ground level as the tree is dead/ dying. T2 – Oak – Reduce by 33% to maintain its health, stop it growing too large for its environment and to allow more light to enter the garden and house.
08 Feb 24
Tree Works in Conservation Area – Deemed Consent
Valid From 08/12/2023
9 Childwick Green Childwickbury AL3 6JJ
Grid ref: TL14308 10889 Grid ref : TL143108 See plan Oak 921-Reduce crown by a maximum of 4m. Oak 922-Fell Dead tree exempt Oak 923-Monolith at 6m leaving lower growth Ash A
19 Jan 24
Tree Works in Conservation Area – Deemed Consent
Valid From 27/12/2023
Shafford Fields Redbourn Road St Albans AL3 6LB
Discharge of Condition 4 (landscape plan) of planning permission 5/2022/2479 dated 01/12/2023 for Installation of six time-restricted manege lights
06 Feb 24
Discharge of
Condition –
Valid from 07/12/2023
1-4 Childwick Green Childwickbury St Albans AL3 6JJ. Replacement windows03 May 2024
5/2023/2112 Valid From 17/11/2023Centurion Club Hemel Hempstead Road Hemel Hempstead HP3 8LA
Provision of 10 additional holes to the existing 18-hole golf course
Valid From 08/11/2023
Childwick Green House Childwickbury AL3 6JJ
T1 Lime (extensive decay in stem) – Fell.
Tree Works in Conservation Area – Deemed Consent
Valid From 10/10/2023
The Walled Garden Gorhambury St Albans
Listed Building consent – Repair and stabilization works including re-pointing, replacement of defective brickwork, replacement of concrete copings and finials, removal of iron fixings and re-building of buttress piers
13 Feb 24
Listed Building
TP/2023/0449 Valid From 05/09/2023Whitehedge Redbourn Road St Albans AL3 6LB
Separate documentation for works to be carried out and report. Work schedule summary: T1 Oak lift to 5m and shorten heavy lateral limbs. T2 Hawthorn lift to 5m & reduce crown by 40%. T3 Hazel. Coppice. T4 Field Maple liftto 5m and cut clear of building
Tree Works in Conservation Area – Deemed Consent
Valid from 14/07/2023
Childwickbury Manor Childwickbury St Albans AL3 6JX
Certificate of Lawfulness (proposed) – The careful dismantling of the wall and salvaging of bricks to the offending corner only. Casting of a new structurally appropriate foundation. Re-building of the wall using the same lime mortar (following analysis
5/2023/1387 – Valid From 10/07/2023Shafford Barn Redbourn Road St Albans AL3 6LB
Single storey rear extension
05/01/2024 DC3
5/2023/1094 – Valid From 30/05/20231- 2 Beesonend Cottages Beesonend Lane Harpenden AL5 2AA
Part two storey part single storey rear and side extensions, demolition of existing garage and conversion of existing outbuilding into habitable room (resubmission following refusal of 5/2022/2464)
01 Feb 24 DC3
Valid From 16/06/2022 
NB, no longer in St Michael Parish
Land Between 84-108 Ragged Hall Lane Chiswell Green St Albans
Construction of seven detached dwellings with new access, boundary treatments and associated works
October 2023 –
appeal dismissed.

Appeal ref
Original decision
27/01/2023, DC4 Refusal
5/2023/0677 – Valid From 29/03/2023Hawkswick House Harpenden Road St Albans AL3 6JG
First floor rear extension and single storey glazed side and rear extensions. Conversion of existing garage to ancillary accommodation to include new openings and rooflights to inner slopes. Alterations and extension to existing single storey glazed link
03/08/2023 DC3
Conditional Permission
Valid From 13/03/2023
Land At Gorhambury House St Albans AL3 6AH
Trees concerned: 017, 018, 019, 020, 021, 022, 030, 031, 067, 068, 069, 070, 071, 072 Various works in relation to tree safety ,refer to schedule of work for detailed specification. Operations include: Removal of major deadwood, removal to ground level
Tree Works in Conservation Area – Deemed Consent