Changes in Ragged Hall Lane after the Community Governance Review

All of the comments received by St Albans District Council during the second round of consultation were reported to their Policy Committee on 24 November 2022. 

The final recommendations of the review were submitted to Council on 7 December 2022 and were approved* (see foot of page). As a result, from next year St Michael Parish Council will no longer represent the residents living on the even-numbered, northern side of Ragged Hall Lane. These properties will transfer to St Stephen Parish Council. The following information applies to those properties and residents only.

It is our understanding that the current Parliamentary Boundary Review will recommend that the existing arrangements for parliamentary constituencies remain in place (although a wider change, from Hitchin & Harpenden to Harpenden & Berkhamsted, is fully expected). This means that for the time being, if you live on the northern side of Ragged Hall Lane, your current Member of Parliament remains Mr Bim Afolami.


7 December 2022SADC approved the parish boundary changes
January 2023Subject to gaining consent from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, a Community Governance Order will be made.
1 February 2023SADC will republish the electoral register to take account of the new boundary.
March 2023SADC will inform residents of the revised council tax from 1 April, part of which will be payable to St Stephen PC, not St Michael.
1 April 2023The Council Tax billing year begins.
April 2023SADC will call for nominations for the parish council and district ward elections in May.  Candidates’ names and the parishes or wards they will be standing in will be published.  Polling cards will be sent to inform electors where their polling station will be.
4 May 2023Local district and parish council elections take place.
9 May 2023Newly elected parish and district councillors formally take office.

*The Final Recommendations Report below lists the final recommendations in full and provides the background and reasoning for each decision. For the appendices listed in the report, please see pages 121 – 138 of the public reports pack from the 7 December 2022 Council meeting.