UPDATED Community Governance Review 2022

St Albans District Council (SADC) has published its draft recommendations at 1st July and a second public consultation period ends on 16th September.

The changes across the District include one specific to St Michael and St Stephen :

Draft recommendation 5: to alter the parish boundary between St Michael Parish Council and St Stephen Parish Council that presently splits Ragged Hall Lane so that the parish boundary follows the new District Ward boundary running along the A414 westward from its junction with Watford Road to Park Wood, thereby including 2-110 Ragged Hall Lane (evens only) and 74-84 Watford Road (evens only) within St Stephen Parish Council area.

Those residents affected, mainly the properties with even numbers on the northern side of Ragged Hall Lane, will soon receive individual letters from the Electoral Registration Officer at SADC. Whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with this recommendation, we are urging all residents to make their views known directly to SADC.

The reasons for these proposed changes, and maps showing the present and proposed Parish boundaries, are available at www.stalbans.gov.uk/community-governance-review.


SADC is conducting a Community Governance Review (CGR) of the parish and town councils’ electoral arrangements in the District, to conclude in approximately December 2022.  They have a dedicated web page which we encourage you to visit at www.stalbans.gov.uk/community-governance-review

The purpose of a CGR is to ensure that an area’s electoral and community governance arrangements are appropriate and continue to reflect local identities.  A CGR can alter the boundary of an existing parish or group a number of parishes together in a grouped parish council. If there are any changes arising from the CGR, they will take effect from the next scheduled parish council elections in May 2023. 

What does this mean for St Michael? The District Council DOES NOT have a pre-determined or desired outcome in mind. The outcome for St Michael Parish Council will depend on evidence and opinion gathered by the District Council, including the comments and opinions of local residents. However, this CGR will look with particular focus at the boundary along Ragged Hall Lane which has long divided properties between St Stephen and St Michael Parish Councils. To which community do Ragged Hall Residents feel they best belong?

The first consultation period ended on 31 March 2022 and the District Council will publish draft recommendations on 1st July. There will then be a second public consultation period; we will publish details here when they are available.